Today’s Featured Video: Malting At Home

Malting your own organic barley grain at home is not very difficult at all. The objective of malting your own organic barley grain is ‘NOT’ to put your local home brewing supply store out of business but to fist and for most have fun and learn the beer making process from the ground up, literally.

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  • Malting Organic Barley Grain At Home

    Before Starting Your Home Malting Process

    ONLY malt the amount of grain you can Kiln (heat) It’s important to know just how much grain your heating method can handle. You don NOT want to get stuck with ‘germinating’ barley grain parked somewhere, waiting to get heated because the heating / drying process takes a couple of days minimum.

tlgrimmy shows us how to malt raw grains at home. Malting your own organic grains maybe an economical way for you to home brew organic beer.